Since 1994, Tygart has been providing industrial parts cleaning and finishing services to customers in many industries. Our innovative industrial parts cleaning methods and techniques have helped our clients to re-use, re-claim and recycle their products – all contributing to significant cost savings and an increased bottom line.

As a stand-alone service offering, industrial parts cleaning has become a niche market for us. Manufacturers, OEM’s and end-users alike, have all found useful applications as it relates to their respective industries. We have successfully cleaned products for clients ranging from scrap processors to medical suppliers.

Industrial Parts Cleaning

Services & Capabilities - Industrial Parts Cleaning and Washing

  • Water-based Detergent Parts Washing
  • Water-based Alkaline Cleaning
  • Solvent Parts Washing
  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Spray Cleaning
  • High-temp. Pressure Washing
  • Glass Bead Blast Cleaning
  • Detailed Hand Finishing & Deburring
  • Rust Inhibitor Application